Pastoral Care
Union College supports individuals in taking responsibility for and in making decisions about themselves and the way they wish to conduct themselves while a resident at Union College.

Head and Deputy Head of Union College

Union College encourages residents to pursue independent lives, but also provides help and support if it is ever needed or wanted. Unexpected upsets can occur, and residents have the reassurance that both the Head, and Deputy Head, have a wealth of experience in matters relevant to student welfare and academic life and are available to assist, or provide referral to nearby support services.

Both the Head and Deputy Head of College live onsite and are available to provide assistance for residents after hours if required.

Resident Mentor Program

Resident mentors are older year residents who live on the floor with first year residents and are key persons in the College’s Community Care Program.

Resident Mentors are carefully chosen by the College to be reassuring and well informed, able to support first years as they work their way through the sometimes unsettling stages of transition to tertiary life.

Resident Mentors receive training in such matters as First Aid etc.

College Representative Council

The College Representative Council (CRC) is the student committee elected by the residents at Union.

The CRC is responsible for providing a number of sporting, cultural, social and community service events that appeal to all residents of the community.

The CRC Executive has an active decision making role in the dispersal of funds from their budget comprised of student contributions.

Health and Welfare

UQ students have convenient and close access to medical (and specialist), optical, dental, and counselling services through UQ Health Service.
Private medical and physiotherapy services at the nearby Hawken Village are very student friendly.
Union College is within easy reach of The Wesley Hospital and The Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital.


Union College strives to create a safe, secure and harmonious environment in which to live.

  • Individual room keys are issued to residents.
  • The Office is staffed on weekends and at nights.
  • Duty Resident Mentors are available each day to assist residents.
  • Security personnel are present on the site every evening until 5:00am each day.
  • Access onto our site as well as to all accommodation levels is only available by use of electronic fob issued to residents.