Applying to Union College
Union College offers places of residency to undergraduate, graduate and international students of The University of Queensland.

General information for all Applicants

The Head of College is looking for residents who bring a balance of qualities to the College. As a general guide, some of the following considerations will apply in assessing your application:
  • Personal suitability for community living
  • Your interview (where applicable)
  • Demonstration of your likely ability to succeed at university and a commitment to pursuing this goal
  • Your academic (or school) history and other information about your interests and pursuits, and how you could make a contribution to the College community
  • Faculty and gender balance in the College as a whole
  • Balance of Domestic and International students in the College community

Union College will guarantee to give careful consideration to your Application, and all applications will be promptly acknowledged by email. However, please be aware that submission of a completed Application and payment of the Application fee does not guarantee a place in the College. We are a gender balanced, diverse community in Union College and selection of applicants reflects this goal.

FAQ How to Apply

Virtual Tour of Union College, UQ

Closing Dates

Applications for Semester 2, 2018 are now open.

It is advised you submit your application as soon as practical to complete the application process.

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College Tours

Experience the lifestyle at Union College with a guided tour from one of our friendly Resident Mentors.

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Residential Fees

Residential fees cover the whole academic year of 39 weeks + first year orientation week (O week), including mid-semester and between semester breaks.

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