Academic Support
Union College residents benefit from participating in a voluntary, academic tutorial program purpose built from individual requests. These scheduled tutorials are complemented by informal, peer-assisted interactions which occur on a daily basis. Being surrounded by committed, like-minded tertiary students is a major benefit for our residents.


Union College offers a diverse in-house tutorial program to support the academic endeavours of residents. The schedule is arranged by the Dean of Students and is specifically designed to respond to the needs of students. Experienced and knowledgeable tutors provide a learning environment where residents are assisted in maximising their academic outcomes.

The tutors at Union College have a successful academic record, depth of course knowledge and an understanding of the demands of tertiary study, which is invaluable to both first and older year residents. The tutorial program is provided to all Union College residents at no additional cost.

Peer Support

Living in an academic community means learning alongside fellow residents and enjoying the networks of support that such an arrangement brings.

Forget the agonies of group work with long distances to travel and difficult timetables to coordinate. Have your group meeting in one of the study areas at college, or better still, enjoy the ease of being part of a group made up entirely of college residents.

Find a study companion down the corridor at college, or contact a senior resident to gain extra help. It is as easy as that!

Academic Community

The advantage of being able to enjoy the stimulation each day of a like-minded community of intelligent and motivated students is priceless.

Broaden your knowledge and gain the understanding that exposure to the ideas of others brings.

Challenge your thinking, and that of others. Debate ideas and principles. Sharpen your intellectual skills and along the way discover who you are, and what you stand for.

University Access

Situated on the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus, Union is the closest residential college to the university. Union College is a 5 minute walk away from lecture rooms, labs and libraries and a 10 minute walk to UQ Sport facilities.

Soak up the atmosphere of being located right in the heart of an academic community. All UQ resources are at your disposal. Catch up on some extra study by making use of spare time – you won’t waste time travelling long distances to university! Check out other faculties and career options. It’s so convenient to explore.