Social Activities
Union offers residents a range of organised social activities and functions throughout the year.
Union Ball

Union College Ball

The Union College Ball is the highlight of the social calendar and a wonderful night to remember.

Organised annually by college staff and residents, Union College Ball is a formal event with fine food, drinks, entertainment and company.

Charity and Social Events

Throughout the year, our Resident Mentors organise a busy social calendar along with charity events. Union College staff and residents are proud to support numerous charities. From patting puppies and making cupcakes for Happy Paws, Happy Hearts, to residents wearing dresses for a month for Do It In A Dress, the Union College spirit is always heartwarming. Events such as Wellness Weekend and Trivia Nights are always popular for some fun and a bit of downtime.

Twilight Concert

Twilight Concert is a special event just for residents, involving gourmet outdoor dining and professional entertainment.

Formal Dinners

Intimate and friendly Invitational Dinners allow the opportunity to meet other residents and enjoy a specially prepared menu and associated wines while being entertained by invited speakers and entertainers.


Mini-ball is an annual fancy-dress event just for residents involving dressing up to a theme and socialising with peers.