Resilient and Ready for 2023

Despite the impacts of COVID-19, Union College remained open as we wanted to continue providing a safe, secure and caring environment for our residents.

Each year we have a team of Resident Mentors, who take the lead in ensuring Union is a welcoming, productive, fun and secure home away from home – so residents can make the most out of their academic, personal, cultural and sporting goals.

While 2020 has presented significant challenges for young people, we want to assure you that we are open and invite inquiries from people interested in learning more about college life.

Union stands by its commitment to offer the ultimate college experience… albeit shaped a little differently due to COVID-19. Despite this, we look forward to connecting with you as you explore college options in 2023.

“Thank you and Union College for taking such exceptional care of all of the students during these turbulent times.”

Leah, Parent of Union College resident

student residents

Looking Forward To 2023