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What's great about Union College (6)


Union is a fully catered college, providing residents with three wholesome and nutritious meals each day, including weekends, semester holidays and exam periods. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated with prior consultation. 
A variety of dishes and vegetarian options are provided for residents in the college’s modern dining hall and outdoor eating terrace, which overlooks the UQ Campus and college gardens. 
Meal times at Union College are a fun and informal opportunity for staff and residents alike to mingle and socialise together. Throughout set times each semester, we also host intimate and friendly invitational formal dinners for residents. These provide a warm environment to meet and mingle and enjoy a prepared menu and associated wines whilst being entertained by invited speakers and entertainers. 
Your residential fees cover three meals per day, seven days a week. Morning and afternoon tea are provided during SWOTVAC and examination periods.

Resident Mentor Program

The Resident Mentor Program is a critical component of the pastoral care of our residents. The aim of the program is to provide experienced, friendly and engaging mentors to our residential community. Resident Mentors (RMs) are carefully selected for their ability to welcome, mentor and nurture young people, in particular, those who are entering their first year of university study. Furthermore, the RM program seeks to enhance the academic, social, cultural and personal development aspirations of all residents, as well as encouraging the resident population to make sensible decisions about how to achieve their goals.

Your College. Your Community.

Participate in as many activities as you like – with a variety of sporting, cultural & networking opportunities available each semester.
Get involved as a participant or a spectator. The choice is yours!


Experienced and knowledgeable Tutors are available for all Residents at no additional cost..  Tutorials foster a collaborative learning environment that supports Residents with their academic goals. Your Tutors will have a successful academic record, depth of course knowledge and an understanding of the demands of tertiary study. Tutorials are conducted once a week, Monday to Friday.  

Peer Support

Learn alongside fellow residents with an instant network literally outside your door! Forget the agonies of group work with long distances to travel and difficult timetables to coordinate. Have your group meeting in one of the study areas at UQ, or better still, enjoy the ease of being part of a group made up entirely of college residents. Find a study companion down the corridor at college, or contact a senior resident to gain extra help.

Academic Community

Life at Union College will expose you to an exciting network of like-minded people within a fun, safe and motivated community. Broaden your knowledge, engage and brainstorm with your peers to develop great, new ideas and experiences. Challenge your thinking, and that of others. Sharpen your intellectual skills and along the way discover who you are, and what you stand for.


Situated on the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus, Union College is the closest residential college to UQ. Union College is a five-minute walk from lecture rooms, labs and libraries and a 10 minute walk to UQ sports facilities. Benefit from being located right in the heart of an academic community. All UQ resources are at your disposal. Spend less time commuting and more time enjoying the many benefits of life at Union College.

Come Visit & See For Yourself!

Union College welcomes prospective residents and families to visit our college for a complimentary guided tour with one of our friendly Resident Mentors. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the lifestyle and facilities, ask questions and talk to current residents in our community. Guided tours generally take about half an hour, with an information pack available for visitors.
Prospective resident tours require advanced bookings and can be scheduled on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 10:00AM and 4:00PM. You can contact the College by telephone on 07 3377 1500 or send us an email.

Why our residents love Union College