Tutorial Program

Need extra support?  The Union College Tutorial Program is available to all Residents throughout the year.  Residents are matched with a tutor for any program they are studying.  We are committed to sourcing the best tutors available, including post graduate researchers, experienced teachers and industry professionals.  Tutorials are held in dedicated Tutorial Rooms with SmartBoards, or remotely via videoconferencing software.  

Tutorials are not compulsory but are a major benefit, particularly for First Year Residents.  Feedback has shown increased confidence and improved GPA after engaging with the Tutorial Program.

Academic Program

We offer all Residents a range of academic workshops based on the needs of the College community.  These go beyond the basics of study skills and time management.  Need to grasp coding basics?  Compiling scientific data?  Making sense of assessment feedback?  We tackle all of these and more.  Workshops are run by academic professionals or fellow Residents depending on content.

Career Opportunities

Throughout the year Union College runs a comprehensive career program to ensure our Residents prosper in their future roles.  We provide a range of exclusive job opportunities with our industry partners.  This is supported by workshops and individual consultations on resume writing, interview skills, and networking.  Career and academic counselling are available for all Residents.