Why Our Residents Love Union College

One of the aspects I love about college life is the chance to engage in cultural, community and sporting opportunities, even when I had never played the sport before. Activities such as waterpolo, hockey, debating and wellness weekend were not only a lot of fun and provided well-earned relief from studies - they also provided a great opportunity to socialise outside of my usual friendship group. Other great advantages include the great food, including nutritious vegetarian options, ease of public transport, close proximity to the university, and the aid of a tailored tutoring program.
Abby Frazer, Resident 2021- 2023
Moving to Brisbane from Victoria was definitely a fairly daunting process as I really didn’t know anyone in Queensland, however upon entering Union college I was very quickly put at ease after meeting the incredibly supportive resident mentor team. O-week kicked off and I very quickly formed so many friendships that by the end of the week Union College very much felt like home.
Sarah Jeffries, Resident Mentor 2022
I have found this year at Union College, to be a life-changing experience. I have been given so much support that has helped me transition from high school to university. The Resident Mentor team was a huge help during O week, making the big scary move-in day run so smoothly. And they do not stop there, they work hard each day to provide us with any comforting advice or the good laugh that we may need at any point in the year. Without them, making friends in the first week would have been more of a task.
Chelsea Ravizza, Resident 2022-2023
With a supportive culture that allows residents to excel in all things academic, sporting, and social, Union College certainly does feel like a home away from home. The caring nature of the college fosters lifelong friendships, whilst providing many opportunities to meet new people.
Conor O'Reilly, Resident Mentor 2022
“Union College is a positive, inclusive and friendly community where everyone feels welcome. The college offers a variety of activities such as sports, music and photography. The facilities are modern and spacious, and the staff team are very kind and helpful.”
Robbie Buxton, Resident 2022
I love that I have been continuously supported in my academic, cultural and social endeavours throughout my time here, and I love the community, companionship and spirit at Union College - it truely feels like one big family. I have also made lifelong friendships that will stay with me for years to come, that I would never have made if I didn’t come to college. I am blessed to have come to such an amazing place that I now call home, and 100% recommend Union to any students moving to Brisbane after high school.
Emily Kirkwood, Resident 2022
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