Vision and Mission
Relaxed and friendly are words which are commonly used to describe the Union College community.

Our Vision

To encourage the advancement of education by establishing a learning and living community in which tertiary students are provided with opportunities and programs to enhance their academic learning and personal achievements.

Our Mission

Union College promotes education by offering access to a residential community, specifically created to assist students achieve academic success. The College has as its enduring quality, a safe, secure and caring environment to assist residents to achieve their academic, personal, cultural and sporting goals. College relationships are guided by core values of integrity, innovation, collaboration, tolerance and equity, respect for self and others, and acceptance of responsibility.

Our Values

  • Resident are free to pursue their studies, interests and personal choices in an environment of harmonious and constructive community living.
  • Core values promoted are equity, tolerance, non-discrimination and respect for self and others.
  • We emphasize academic success and responsible, accountable participation by residents as young adults within the College community.
  • Residents broaden their understanding by the challenges of new interests, cultures and points of view.
  • A hassle-free “O-Week” smooths the transition to tertiary study and helps you find friends.