Resident Facilities
As one of the largest colleges, Union has a number of specialty facilities and services for use by residents.


The College is equipped with modern eco-friendly front loading washing machines and dryers.

Irons and ironing boards are also supplied. An outdoor clothes line is available for residents wishing to dry large items.


All student rooms are cleaned once a week by the friendly college cleaning staff.

Bathrooms are kept bright and fresh with a daily clean, as are all public areas of the College.

IT Services

Access to the College network (10Gb Internet/UQ connection, 1Gb intra-college connectivity, with full duplex 200Mbps rating for each 100Mbps student room Ethernet connection).

Internet access is provided complementary to UQ students via UQ ITS, the University of Queensland’s Internet Service Provider. As of 2016, the student download allowance is 40GB per month. For more information about this service, please visit the UQ ITS website.

Wireless Eduroam Wi-Fi access is available in resident’s rooms and all public areas throughout the college.

Two high quality laser printers are available for use in the office, from your room via the College Network.

Library & Tutorial Rooms

The Union Library is an air-conditioned, carpeted space for individual / group study and scheduled tutorial sessions. Tutorial sessions are delivered by the College’s Tutorial Program, which is provided to all Union College residents at no additional cost.

The library is equipped with text books, novels, magazines and board games.

Tutorial rooms are air-conditioned study spaces adjacent to the College’s library and are equipped with large tables and seating to suit group assignments and tutorials.

Relax in a light and airy atmosphere with modern furniture and fittings.

O’Brien Room

The O’Brien room is an air-conditioned and carpeted common room for senior and long term residents.

Attractive, comfortable and equipped with an LCD TV and upright piano, The O’Brien room can be used for formal meetings, small casual gatherings and academic purposes.

Computer Room

The College computer room provides 24 hour access for residents to a modern, air conditioned, fully equipped and maintained computer laboratory and specialised laptop/notebook study area.

Connecting your computer to our network is fast and trouble-free.

Wireless Eduroam Wi-Fi access is available in the College’s computer room.

Games Room

The College Games Room is a large indoor recreational space that allows residents to unwind from their academic commitments and socialise with other residents through a range of provided gaming equipment.

The Games Room is equipped with:

  • Full size billiard (pool) table
  • Large screen television and Nintendo Wii console
  • Table tennis equipment

Music Rooms

Catered for musicians, residents have access to two sound proofed, carpeted rooms.

Music rooms are flexible and attractive spaces that can accommodate a small group of residents that may wish to practice together.

Each music room features an upright piano with comfortable seating.


Union has an on-site gymnasium that is well equipped for personal fitness in a spacious setting with oval views.

The gymnasium is easily accessible from all locations in College and is available to all Union residents.

Additionally, Union residents have complementary access to UQ Sporting Facilities, which includes UQ Gym and Pool access. Read more about this offering on the Sports & Fitness page.

TV Room

The TV room has large comfortable couches, a large wall-mounted LCD display with Foxtel cable TV subscription and a DVD player.

Whether it’s a movie night or a major sporting event broadcast, The TV room is a popular home theatre facility for residents throughout the year.

Fire Room

The Fire Room is a large sunny room that is often used as a convenient place for residents to meet.

Equipped with comfortable chairs and glass walls open to views of the College and UQ, the Fire Room provides a relaxing ambiance for residents wishing to unwind.

Newspapers are supplied daily.

College Gardens

Union College’s lush gardens and tropical vegetation remind Australian students of their homes in rural communities, and international students from cooler climates of how different life in the tropics can be.

  • Wonder at the amazing flowering of the ginger plants and the beauty of the jacaranda trees in Spring
  • Watch industrious scrub turkeys building nests and protecting their eggs
  • Lunch on the Terrace and enjoy the bird life around you
  • See possums and other wildlife scampering about the College at night

Bicycle Storage

Union College provides residents with undercover storage for bicycles.

Cyclists enjoy the many bikeway paths available for riding around Brisbane and at UQ.

Jump on your bike and head off with your friends for some invigorating exercise.

For information about bikeway paths and cycling in Brisbane, please visit the Brisbane City Council website.

Car Parking

Two well lit car parks are available, where entry is boom gate controlled.

Spaces are allocated on the basis of seniority as parking space is limited and demand is high.

Limited paid parking is available along Sir William MacGregor Drive.

For parking and fare information, please visit the UQ parking website.

Mail / Parcel Delivery

All mail, including courier deliveries, is kept at the Office for collection at your convenience.

Encourage your family / friends to send you flowers, a gift basket or a mysterious parcel – Office staff will ring you personally to let you know when items arrive.

The College delivery address can be found on the Contact Us page.


Floors are equipped with small kitchenettes containing sinks and hot water jugs for resident use.

The College also has a kitchenette facility in the Late Meals Room that contains a microwave, sink, stove-top and oven.