College Activities

The Resident Mentor Program is a critical component of the pastoral care of our residents. The aim of the program is to provide experienced, friendly and engaging mentors to our residential community. Resident Mentors (RMs) are carefully selected for their ability to welcome, mentor and nurture young people, in particular, those who are entering their first year of university study. Furthermore, the RM program seeks to enhance the academic, social, cultural and personal development aspirations of all residents, as well as encouraging the resident population to make sensible decisions about how to achieve their goals.


College Formal Dinners

Throughout the year, Union College hosts Invitational Dinners with guest speakers and performers.

Union College Ball

The ball is held once a year and the dress code is Formal. This event is for current College residents and their partners/guests. It is an all-age event and tickets are sold from the Office. 

Twilight Concert

The Twilight Concert is held once a year, in College Dining Room and the dress code is Smart Casual.  This catered event is for Union College residents only. Please remember to bring your Union College ID.

College Awards Evenings

These award evenings celebrate the academic, sporting, and cultural success of Union College residents. Attendance is by invitation only and the dress code is Smart Casual.

Union College Valedictory Celebration Dinner

The Union College Valedictory Dinner is a unique and important moment in the journey of a Union College resident. It is a celebration of community, academic achievement, and dedication to college life. It is held in the Innes Room or at an offsite venue. Attendance at the function is by invitation only.  Eligible residents are graduating and long-term residents of the College. Dress code is Cocktail/Semi-Formal.



Prioritizing Wellness Through Social Sports

Union College recognises the importance of a well-rounded student experience. Beyond academic pursuits , we encourage our residents to embrace an active lifestyle through our vibrant social sports scene. This welcoming environment fosters camaraderie and provides a healthy outlet to de-stress and balance studies with physical activity.

Building Lasting Connections

Union College’s social sports scene goes far beyond mere physical activity. It fosters a strong sense of community, allowing residents to connect with like-minded peers while building lasting friendships. These spontaneous games and shared experiences create lasting memories and contribute to a positive and supportive living environment.

Unstructured Fun

Union College boasts a strong history of intercollegiate competition, consistently vying for the UQ Colleges’ Intercollegiate Cup. Our talented athletes compete in a variety of sports, including rugby, rowing, swimming, basketball, volleyball, and more. Whether you’re seeking a casual way to unwind or a chance to push your limits on the competitive stage, Union College offers the perfect environment to embrace an active lifestyle that balances studies with a healthy dose of fun.

Join the Movement

We encourage all residents to embrace the social sports culture at Union College. Regardless of your skill level or preferred activity, there’s a place for you to get active, connect with others, and contribute to your overall well-being.


Union College Cultural Life thrives on friendly competition! Throughout the year, our residents have the exciting opportunity to participate in inter-college cultural events alongside ten other UQ colleges. These competitions provide a vibrant platform to showcase residents’ talents and foster camaraderie across the colleges.

ICC Sports, Cultural and Social Events include:

    • Tennis
    • Hockey
    • College Idol
    • Debating
    • Volleyball
    • Badminton
    • Table Tennis
    • AFL
    • Bandfest
    • Choralfest
    • Soccer
    • Rowing Regatta
    • Chess
    •  Rugby Union
    • Netball
    • Basketball
    • Touch Football
    • Rugby 7’s
    • Cricket
    • Oratory
    • Art Show
    • Dancefest
    •  Athletics
    • Swimming Carnival
    • Do it in a Dress
    • May 50km 
    • The Great Court Race

Development Workshops 

Union College is dedicated to empowering our Residents to reach their full potential. We offer a vibrant array of workshops throughout the year, designed to nurture their wellbeing and personal development alongside academic pursuits.

Explore Your Interests:

  • Spark your creativity with
    engaging art or photography workshops.
  • Develop practical skills in
    cooking, sustainable living, and other areas.
  • Discover new passions through a variety of exciting workshops.

Tailored Support for Every Stage:

We understand our resident’s needs evolve throughout their college journey. Our workshops are designed to provide targeted support at each stage:

  • New Residents: Gain essential skills for independent living, from managing finances and friendships to mastering laundry!
  • Established Residents: Equip yourself for the future with workshops on budgeting, taxes, and career development.
  • Graduating Residents: Prepare for life beyond college with workshops on renting, cooking, and other essential living skills.

Prioritising Your Wellbeing:

Union College prioritizes your mental and emotional wellbeing. During Orientation and study breaks, de-stress with engaging activities like yoga and outdoor animal therapy.