Academic Dinner

Outstanding Academic Results from Union Residents

On Thursday 3rd August, 114 current Union residents were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements at our 2017 Academic Awards Dinner. The evening showcased our residents who had achieved outstanding results for Semester 1, 2017 as well as second and third year residents recognised for their ongoing academic performances over their years at college.

Academic medallions were awarded to 114 residents who had achieved a semester 1 GPA of 5.75 or more whilst studying 4 subjects or a semester 1 GPA of 6 or more whilst undertaking 3 subjects. Of these students, 10 residents achieved a 100% success rate in their studies finishing semester 1 with a GPA of 7.

In addition to these outstanding achievements, a number of bursaries were awarded to residents who had achieved success in their studies over a number of semesters. Congratulations to Benjamin Hall, Joshua Keene, Hebbin Koo, Lachlan McKay, Hema Preethi Subas Satish and Lucy Watts who received Academic Encouragement Bursaries for their cumulative academic performance of 6.5 or more over a minimum of three semesters. Thomas Ilott, Rebecca Nucifora, Jack Rogers, Abbey Stuart and Scott Thomason were the recipients of Outstanding Academic Performance Bursaries for their success over a minimum of 4 semesters and a minimum cumulative GPA of 6.

Academic Dinner

Academic Encouragement Bursaries: Benjamin Hall, Hebbin Koo, Lachlan McKay, Lucy Watts, Hema Preethi Subas Satish (front), Joshua Keene

Academic Dinner

Outstanding Academic Performance Bursaries: Thomas Ilott, Rebecca Nucifora, Scott Thomason, Abbey Stuart & Jack Rogers

Sustained and Exceptional Academic Performance Bursaries were awarded for the three highest cumulative GPA’s over a minimum of 5 semesters at Union College. Congratulations to Ella Murray (The Selwyn & Strathaird Award), Alicia Kirk (Gus Gehrmann Award) and Richard Sanderson (The Leo Howard Award) for your outstanding ongoing academic achievements.

Academic Dinner

Sustained & Excpetional Academic Performance Bursaries: Ella Murray and Alicia Kirk with College Board Chair Chris Burgess

It is fantastic to see so many outstanding academic results and is testament to the hard work and dedication our Senior Resident Tutor, Corey Lehmann and our Dean of Students, Mey Orchard, put into our College tutorial program. It is great to see residents taking advantage of this fantastic program offered by Union College at no additional cost. During Semester 1, 45 dedicated tutors delivered tutorial support for 160 subjects to help our residents achieve their best possible results. We look forward to seeing more outstanding results at the end of Semester 2!

A full gallery of photos from the evening is available on our Facebook page.