twilight residents

Twilight proves to be a highlight for all residents

Last Thursday, the 10th of May, Union College held their annual Twilight dinner, a spectacle which wowed both residents and staff members alike. The annual dinner aims to showcase a variety of residents’ musical abilities over a delicious dinner, thoughtfully prepared by our hardworking kitchen staff.

Over the course of the night, Union was entertained by a variety of residents, including instrumentals from piano players Andrew Bian and Kausthub Raj, saxophone from Georgia Whybird, impressive guitar playing from Tom Sowden and Max Dooley, drumming from Boyd Greaves, as well as being wooed with the wonderful vocals from Lucy Clark and Ashur Perkins.

Towards the end of the night, three winners, as judged by senior resident mentor Clara Sandona, past resident and winner Corey Lehman and Marc Orchard, were announced. Boyd Greaves came third after a spectacle of drumming which could rival even that of Ringo Starr, Georgia Whybird took out second place after a fantastic spin on a traditional saxophone medley, with Andrew Bian winning the competition with his masterfully skilled piano playing.

By Talya Bolge

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